How We Do It

Hint:  Lots of coffee. :-) This is how we do it! Hey, ho! Hey, ho!

Hint: Lots of coffee. :-) This is how we do it! Hey, ho! Hey, ho!

How does Content Cavalry work? It’s a great question and one that should be asked of all content providers. How do they get to the finished product? Who touches the content and what does that mean for the rights to the content? How is communication across teams? What makes the content “quality content?” We pride ourselves in our editorial process and our clients tend to come to us, and stick with us, because of our strict quality standards and workflow.

To give you some insight into how we operate, we are fully transparent with our article lifecycle. It highlights each of the key stakeholders involved in the content creation process and showcases their contributions to the finished product.

Content Creation: Behind the Scenes

Step 1: Research

Listeners, researchers, and analysts discover the most relevant topics to your audience. We gather this information through a collection of third-party tools that allow us to gather insights on what resonates best with your readership across social media and other publishers.

Step 2: Concepting

Leveraging our research, our strategists craft pitches for unique article concepts. You can think of this as an epic brainstorm where our strategy team generates article ideas that align with the topics that our researchers have discovered.

Step 3: Validation

The finalized article concepts are then reviewed by our writers, editors, and producers. Why loop in so many people? To ensure alignment and a seamless transition as articles make their way into production.  Once all concepts are approved and agreed upon, we pass over the concepts to you. If you like what you see, we get started on writing up the articles. If you would prefer to give us concepts of your own, we pass those over to our writers to get the ball rolling.

Step 4: Composition

Our team of writers create articles while following our guidelines to ensure resonance. Remember our researchers? They review existing content on your site and build a check-list for our writers to abide by. This includes the tone, perspective, and style of your website’s existing voice. While our writers craft your masterpiece, they do so with guidance that keeps the content in your preferred format and style.

Step 5: Production

Our team of editors and producers review the article to ensure standout quality. Immediately after the writers deliver their article, our production team cross-checks all content to make sure that our standards are met. The result: Unique, custom, and top-tier quality content.


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